Transitioning From Mother’s Embrace To Unfamiliar School Surroundings

Not a single good and sensible mother or father will ever forget the warmth, peace and security of his or her own mother’s embrace. The memory of that embrace may inspire current young mothers and fathers to repeat that care in one form or another and as is unique to that parent’s own personality and sense of being in the world in which they and their young children must live. The preschool fairport ny environment may well be strange and unfamiliar to the young child on his or her first day at school.

But perhaps as early as the first day at the preschool, the small and uncertain child will already have shown positive signs of being able to adjust. And this positive adjustment may ironically not be at the hands of the preschool teachers. The human condition prevails and certainly manifests itself in these young boys and girls. This condition has to do with the fact that humans, both men and women, and both young and old, are essentially social creatures.

Indeed, a child in utter isolation instead of being in the company of likeminded pals of the same age would have been quite desolating. Nevertheless, the onus rests with qualified preschool teachers to enable and empower young children to make a successful transition from the comforting environment of the home to suddenly strange and unfamiliar surroundings. Preschool for young boys and girls around the ages of four to six also prepares them well for their first day in junior or grade school.

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What else could be said about sending a young child to preschool other than to reassure otherwise worried parents that the environment, provided that it is registered and closely monitored, is safe and secure for the little ones.