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Tips for Lowering Mortgage Payments

Money comes and goes, but you always need to have enough of it to cover your expenses. Oftentimes for homeowners their mortgage is one of their highest expenses each month, so they look for ways to cut down on how much they are paying every month.

Let’s explore some of the options homeowners can use to help their mortgage payments to banks like Columbia Bank Woodbridge get a bit lower and more manageable.


Refinancing allows you to get a lower rate of interest on your mortgage, lowering the monthly payment due. You will need to qualify to refinance, though, and must meet certain requirements in terms of home equity. Determine whether or not refinancing is worth it by speaking with professionals and looking at your potential savings.

Mortgage Forbearance

If you are going through a tough financial situation and cannot afford the amount due for your mortgage, ask about forbearance from your financial institution. Forbearance temporarily lowers or suspends your mortgage payment for a period of time. After this time, your payments will need to be made as usual.

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Loan Modification

If you are going through a severely tough financial time, you may not be able to afford your mortgage payment at all. If this is the case, ask about a loan modification from your lender. When this happens, the lender will restructure the loan in an attempt to lower your mortgage payment. You can request this even when you have not fallen behind in payments, giving you a head start on adjusting your budget.

Owning a home comes with a mortgage, but you can get relief and lower your monthly payments by looking into some of the aforementioned options. Your bank should be willing to work with you when it comes to your mortgage payments, so speak with them sooner rather than later if you suspect financial changes.